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>Fixpriser 2019-12-11 Guld 447 917 SEK/KG    Platina 280 396 SEK/KG    Palladium 579 404 SEK/KG            2019-12-11 13:30 USD 9,49     EUR 10,51     

About us

NSG AB, Norsk Svensk Guld AB

NSG (Norsk Svensk Guld) is one of the the largest supplier of gold and other precious metals for jewellery, investment and industrial use in the Nordic countries. We also supply the jewellery industry with high quality products such as machines, tools, and semi-finished products.

Being a family-owned company, NSG has since the start in 1994 been a reliable and trustworthy partner continually seeking to improve our services to our customers. Today we have a comprehensive range of different products and services which include leading technology in analysis, refinery, precious metal-accounts with world-wide transfers. Our highly skilled consultants can assist in arranging customer-specific solutions for industrial use - eg metals with advanced coatings for the aerospace industry.

Smithing - a craft to preserve

NSG is not only a provider of precious metals, tools and services to the jewellery industry, but we are also working to encourage artisans to design beautiful jewellery and to pass on their skills onto future generations. We believe that the exquisite craftsmanship is an important part of the goldsmith’s heritage and that it is worth preserving and cultivating. NSG works with great personal commitment to support and market the craftsmanship and the use of services provided by goldsmiths.

Easy online shopping

In our webshop you will find a wide selection of our machines, tools, semi-finished products, precious metals and top quality alloys with daily updated prices. NSG Webshop is all about functionality and reliability.

NSG AB, Norsk Svensk Guld ABRecycling - green ambitions

All our work is carried out with nature and sustainability in mind. We strive to minimize our impact on our environment and make sure to select suppliers with the same vision as us.

Recycling of gold takes place by refining, which in short means that metal which contains gold and other precious metals is separated by electrolysis. The refining process is made by our partners with some of the most modern facilities, this ensures that the process is done in an enclosed, well-secured environment with minimal emissions

The process of recycling means an unending cycle in which the metals produced by electrolysis can be used unlimited times without reduction of quality.

Investing in gold

NSG provides physical precious metals and bars to private investors and companies. Investing in precious metals and gold bars is easy and it adds diversity to your portfolio.

Investing in gold and other precious metals is simple, and has proven to be a very stable form of investment. Throughout thousands of generations gold has successfully preserved wealth. In recent years the value of gold has multiplied, and we see no signs that the market would yet become saturated with gold. Gold has proven to be one of the best investment options and has been considered a safe haven during times of political and economic uncertainty.

Since gold is a tax-free investment it is another reason why many individuals choose to invest in gold.